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Learn more about civil aviation regulations in the Philippines:

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)

Aviair Aviation is an Approved Training Organization (ATO)/Flying School in the Philippines.


How to Begin Your Professional Pilot Training:

We recommend securing a medical certificate from the Office of the Flight Surgeon and Aviation Medicine (OFSAM) at CAAP before enrolling in a flying school:    CAAP Medical Clearance   (Updated August 2015)

After the issuance of your medical clearance you can then enroll at Aviair Aviation and apply for your Student Pilot License (SPL):  SPL CAAP flowchart   (Updated August 2015)

Learn more about the aviation courses offered at Aviair Aviation: Learn to Fly



Aviair Aviation is authorized to accept foreign/non-immigrant students. We extend assistance in processing the visa requirements of the Bureau of Immigration.

A Special Student Permit (SSP) from the Bureau of Immigration is required for foreign student pilots in the Philippines:  Special Study Permit (Updated August 2015)

Learn more about immigration requirements and student visas:  Bureau of Immigration

Learn more about the Philippines and its top destinations:   It’s more fun in the Philippines


We endeavor to provide accurate and updated information. Some information may change without prior notice. Please verify the latest information with the relevant agencies.