Learn to fly in the Philippines

Our ground school campus is located in Parañaque, close to major airport terminals, CAAP, and thecities of Pasay, Makati, and Taguig.

For flight training, we operate in two different locations to give our student pilots a unique training experience with varying levels of difficulty. At the smaller Plaridel Airport, student pilots can familiarize themselves with windy conditions; this is also where the official CAAP check ride is normally done. At the Subic International Airport, students will be given adequate training time for instrument approaches while they familiarize themselves with a bigger airport. Students are also exposed to international aircraft. Read More ..

Why choose Aviair Aviation School?

Why Choose Aviair?




Requirements to enroll at Aviair Aviation

Photocopy of passport (for foreign students)
NBI Clearance

Photocopy of any government-issued ID
Medical clearance from CAAP


What license do I need to become an airline pilot?

What aircraft do you use?

Do I need to be a college graduate to apply?

What are the requirements to enroll at Aviair?


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Japy Hautea
Thank you Aviair for the all the values and technical knowledge. I was able to apply all the things that I have learned not only in my current training but also with my day to day activities. I want to thank all of my instructors for everything that they have taught me, from the basics of flying up to the advanced procedures, and also having the right attitude in this kind of career.

Second Officer, Airbus 320,  Philippine Airlines

Alex Silvestre
Thanks Aviair Team for making me realize my dreams! It was a really good experience learning in your classrooms and training with your aircraft (with Pinky and Whitey). The curriculum is phased just right and the instructors are very helpful. I like the flexibility in schedule that you are offering. It made me finish my training in a very short time. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge you imparted.

Second Officer, Airbus 320,  Cebu Pacific

Jonathan Tayag

I am very grateful of the fact that I chose to start my aviation career in Aviair. Through the guidance and support of the instructors and staff, I was able to finish in 11 months (PPL to CPL-IR). It was also a thrill (and nerve-wracking at the same time) that I was taught instrument flying by the flight school director himself. Whatever you took up in college, whether it is engineering, nursing, fine arts, or business, if you choose Aviair, I assure you that you will get the quality training that you paid for, at the fastest possible time.

Second Officer, Airbus 320,  Air Asia Philippines

Ian Halagueña

Thank you Aviair for the skills, aviation core values and technical knowledge that I obtained while studying there. Training at Aviair allowed me to meet the highest standards of performance throughout my career - from a student pilot with no flight experience to becoming a first officer at a major airline.

First Officer, Airbus 320,Air Asia Philippines

Czernan del Rosario
I took my Instrument Rating refresher course at Aviair. I was expecting it to be just a review but I got more than that. My knowledge and understanding of instrument flying were reinforced and further enhanced. The program is aimed at educating pilot trainees to grasp at first the very basic, and later on to prepare them for airline core flying. I can attest to the fact that I am where I am now because of the knowledge and skills I have gained with Aviair.

Second Officer, Airbus 330/340,Philippine Airlines